Transition to CPR compliant cables

First shipments of CPR marked cables have started

We are happy to announce that our first “CPR compliant” cables have started to be shipped.

The implementation involves the following changes:

  • Extension of existing N-codes with a suffix to reflect colour of sheath and EuroClass
  • Change of label on drums and boxes to accommodate mandatory CPR information
  • Change of marking on the cable sheath to show CPR performance (EuroClass + smoke/droplets/acidity where applicable)

The range of cables available will gradually be expanded over the next few weeks. Please note that not all cables are switched over at the same time; existing stocks will first be depleted.  During this transition period, you may receive a mix of CPR and non-CPR cables.

Please find below a brief explanation of the changes and cross-reference lists for the cables affected.   


These lists will be periodically updated but as new products are becoming available all the time they may not represent the latest situation. Please check with your local customer service team if you have specific questions.