ENSPACE fibre Pre-Terms meet highest CPR fire performance class

ENSPACE Pre-Terms are based on Micro-Bundle design

Nexans is pleased to announce all fibre cables in the ENSPACE Pre-Term portfolio now meet the highest CPR fire performance class B2cas1d0a1. The lowest heat release and fire spread together with the best levels for smoke density, acidity and zero droplets guarantee the highest fire safety level for installation.
The new LANmark-OF Pre-Term cables are based on a Micro-Bundle Universal design and :

  • have a fibre count from 12 to 96 fibres
  • are rodent retardant and watertight
  • can be installed in buildings, data centres & outdoor between buildings
  • applies to all ENSPACE trunks: LC/LC, MTP/MTP and patching assemblies
  • retain their optical performance

The cable diameter for:

  • 12F has been increased to 6 mm to make it mechanically more robust
  • 24F & 48F remains unchanged at 5,8mm
  • 96F has been increased to 8,4mm.

The N-number and description for the ENSPACE trunks has been extended with the Euroclass information to reflect the improvements in fire performance.  

For data centres the focus has shifted from OM3 to OM4.  In line with this trend OM3 ENSPACE trunks are no longer proposed. Trunks with OM5 fibres in Lime Green are now available for projects. Universal LC/LC trunks based on Tight Buffer Universal cables remain available with Euroclass Dcas1d0a1 fire performance level.