Launch CPR compliant LANmark Industry cables

Cable comes with a Cca class LSZH cable underneath a PE outer jacket

CPR Lanmark Industry
Nexans is pleased to introduce a new cable in the LANmark Industry range which features a CPR qualified Cca class LSZH cable underneath a PE outer jacket.
Whereas PE cables are only suitable for outdoor installations, our LSZH+PE design allows to continue the installation indoors, by stripping the PE jacket over the distance to be covered inside the building, before terminating the cable into a panel or box.
Following customer demands in a few countries where the CPR EuroClass Cca is required in certain building environments, we have now added an LSZH Cca+PE cable to the portfolio, to enable the continued usage of this cable construction both outdoors and indoors.
The new cable has part number N10i.005-OCKF, where “OC” denotes the Orange LSZH Cca class inner jacket and “KF” the Black PE Fca class outer jacket. By the same logic, we have amended the part number of the existing N10i.005 into N10i.005-ODKF, where “OD” denotes the Orange LSZH Dca class inner jacket of the standard cable.
Both cables, N10i.005-ODKF and N10i.005-OCKF, are classified as Fca, since they have a PE outer sheath, hence do not meet the requirements of Eca or EN/IEC 60332-1.
The new cable N10i.005-OCKF is a non-stocked item, with an MOQ of 24 km.