Nexans expands its successful GG45 product range with a new 8-contact high-speed Cat 7A PCB jack

Robust design and proven reliability for high data transmission speeds will make the new GG45 8C Series the preferred solution for active equipment manufacturers

Paris, September 25, 2007 – Nexans, the worldwide leader in the cable industry, has launched a new GG45 8-contact high-speed Category 7A jack for use on Printed Circuit Boards (PCBs).

The GG45-8C PCB jack is a right angle female connector that can be mounted on a PCB for high speed data transmission applications and high speed testing equipment as well as for Cat7 patch panels and cross connectors, offering ease of installation and exceptional performance for high-speed copper data transmission with full backward compatibility.

In common with all Nexans’ GG45 products, the outer dimensions of the new 8-way jack are identical to the existing RJ45 jack widely used for Ethernet applications; enabling all equipment manufacturers worldwide to continue using their existing housings and PCB footprints when switching to the new high-performance jack.

Kevin Saint-Cyr, Global Segment Developer of LAN* activities within Nexans says: “We strongly believe that the GG45-8C PCB jack could become the next standard in copper cabling applications due to its increased frequency range (up to 1,500MHz), which exceeds the Cat7A specification IEC61076-3-110 by 500 MHz, and its exceptional signal-to-noise ratio. Actually, the GG45-8C PCB jack further extends Nexans’ extensive portfolio of Cat7 products and will initially consist of a single-port, PCB-mounted jack”.


The existing Nexans GG45 12-way connector has been certified by the independent German testing institute GHMT AG as fully compliant with IEC standards for generic cabling up to a bandwidth of 1,000 MHz for customer premises. It incorporates a switch to offer a choice between a high speed (600 MHz) and a medium speed (250MHz) mode.

The new GG45 8C series has 8 contacts and will only run at the high speed mode, but  with a channel performance up to 1500MHz. No additional switch for slower frequencies is provided.

GG45_PCB Lan

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