Nexans Rheycord BS handling cable gets its first US installation at the Port of Oakland

Nexans has installed the cable in the basket spreader of a ship-to-shore crane.

Paris, March 18, 2008 – Nexans, the worldwide leader in the cable industry, has installed its Rheycord Basket Spreader (BS) 44C 12AWG cable in the basket spreader of a ship-to-shore crane at the SSA Terminals at the Port of Oakland. It is the first US installation for the cable, which is manufactured at the Nexans factory in Mönchengladbach, Germany.


Port of Oakland handling cables craneA reliable cable solution for ever-demanding equipments

The Rheycord BS cable meets the demanding requirements of ship-to-shore cranes, which need a cable that can continuously wind in and out of the basket on top of the spreader. This repetitive action wears the cable quickly and the cable interior and jacket must be flexible enough to bend as needed, yet durable enough to withstand temperature extremes, weight shifts, and the continuous winding and unwinding. An added difficulty for port applications is that frequent high winds make the basket sway, putting added stress on the cable. Nexans Rheycord BS is equipped with lead beads inside to give the cable more weight, increased flexibility, greater resistance to severe weather and the ability to wind into the basket more easily.

According to Horst Obermeyer, Global Segment Manager (GSM) Handling for Nexans: “This initial installation of Nexans Rheycord cable in the United States has been beneficial for the customer. Through this technology, the customer received a robust cable specifically designed for this very demanding application. The cable initially installed on this crane experienced issues with corkscrewing within a short time of installation. Downtime is lost money, so keeping the cranes working is paramount”.

76 meters of Nexans cable within the crane

The 76m of Rheycord cable was installed on a Hitachi crane with a ZPMC basket handler. The 40 long ton container crane, with a total boom span of 240 feet, has a hoist speed with load of 150 feet/minute, and without load of 360 feet/minute. 

Port of Oakland crane handling


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Nexans este lider mondial in industria cablurilor. Grupul prezinta o gama extinsa de solutii avansate pe cupru si fibra optica, pentru pietele de infrastuctura, industrie si constructii. Sistemele de cablare si cablurile Nexans se regasesc in orice domeniu, de la retele de telecomunicatii si energie, la aeronautica, aerospatiale, automobile, cai ferate, constructii, petrochimie, medicina, diverse aplicatii etc. Nexans opereaza in 39 tari, are circa 22,800 angajati si a avut in 2007 o cifra de afaceri de 7.4 miliarde de Euro. Nexans este listata la bursa dein Paris. Mai multe informatii puteti gasi pe site-ul

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