Nexans wins fast-track contract to supply 800 km of fibre optic submarine cable to improve broadband access in Canada

Paris, May 16, 2007 – Nexans, the worldwide leader in the cable industry, has been awarded a fast-track contract by the Canadian company IT International Telecom Inc to supply around 800 km of fibre optic submarine cable for a project to improve broadband access Canada. The cable were delivered in April 2007. The cable will be used for a new connection which will bring access to broadband and new TV services residents.

The contract is a result of almost a year’s cooperation and careful overall planning between Nexans and IT International Telecom. This has enabled the fibre optic cables, which were manufactured at Nexans’ factory in Rognan, Norway, to be delivered in April 2007. Supplying 800 km submarine cable in just three and a half months from start to completion is a record, and also demonstrates flexibility of Nexans’ Rognan plant.


The project is being driven by a commitment to bring new broadband services to 68 schools and 103 communities located in the rural and remote regions in eastern Canada.

IT International Telecom  CS Intrepid
IT International Telecom  CS Intrepid


"This contract shows once again the competitiveness of the Nexans fibre optic submarine cable, which has a world-wide reference base with more than 16,000 km of cable installed. Through previous projects, Nexans has already supplied cables to IT for systems in Canada, and there are more opportunities for both our companies from Canada down to the Caribbean. We are keen to pursue these projects to secure more submarine business in the region, but currently we are very pleased to be selected by IT for the project,” says Gordon Thursfield, Nexans’ Executive Vice-President for the North America Area.

Technical details
The submarine fibre optic cable for this project was manufactured by Nexans in six main segments, with the longest length of 187 km destined for the link between New Victoria and Rose Blanche. Each segment consists of the same core, with 24 fibres in a steel tube covered with polyethylene. Three different designs of armouring were applied depending on where the cable is to be installed. No on-site lump joints will be required between the different armouring types for any of the cable segments, as a total of 22 technical transitions were completed in the factory during the armouring process.

The cable will be installed at a maximum depth of 570 m by IT International Telecom’s own cable ship, the CS IT Intrepid.

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Despre Nexans

Nexans este lider mondial in industria cablurilor. Grupul prezinta o gama extinsa de solutii avansate pe cupru si fibra optica, pentru pietele de infrastuctura, industrie si constructii. Sistemele de cablare si cablurile Nexans se regasesc in orice domeniu, de la retele de telecomunicatii si energie, la aeronautica, aerospatiale, automobile, cai ferate, constructii, petrochimie, medicina, diverse aplicatii etc. Nexans opereaza in 28 tari, are circa 17,500 angajati si a avut in 2001 o cifra de afaceri de 4.8 miliarde de Euro. Nexans este listata la bursa dein Paris. Mai multe informatii puteti gasi pe site-ul