Nexans launches new FLAMEX® brand name for high-performance cable solutions for the rolling stock industry

Paris, May 25, 2009 – Nexans, the worldwide leader in the cable industry, has launched FLAMEX® as the new brand name for its range of cables for the rolling stock industry. The FLAMEX range covers all the product families from power to control cables, data-bus, jumpers, optical fiber and roof HV pantograph cables.

A complete range of advanced cables

FLAMEX® cables are rated for voltages of 300 V up to 45 kV AC. Their cross sections range are from 0.25mm2 up to 500mm2. Operating temperature ranges depend on the required life time: either 120° C/20,000h for rubber insulated cable or 180° C/20,000h for silicon insulated materials. FLAMEX® cables are suitable when standard or highly flexible cables (such as jumper cables) are needed and can be screened or unscreened.

FLAMEX® control cables consist of thin-wall low voltage cables, which are used to provide energy and low frequency control for communications, public address, automatic doors, and lighting; databus cables, which support the main data standard protocols like UIC, MVB, WTB, CAN and Ethernet ; coaxial cables, which are used for multimedia and GSM radio transmissions for rail traffic management and train control; and optical fibre, which is used for the safe transmission in view of EMC or high speed rate.

Flamex fire resistance test photoSafety: compliance with all international standards

FLAMEX® cables have been designed with safety in mind. They conform to all international standards, such as European (EN), French (NFF), German (VDE), British (BS) and International standards (IEC). The cables are also environmental friendly as strictly Halogen free.

FLAMEX® cables resist the propagation of fire and produce low smoke emissions that are, by the way, not corrosive and low in toxicity. FLAMEX® also has excellent tensile strength and provides excellent mechanical resistance to abrasion, cutting forces and chemical agents. These characteristics are especially necessary for the rolling stock industry, because in the event of a fire they will help secure the power supply for doors, ventilation, and the loudspeaker, as well as any data transmission.

Overall the range is flexible, easy to strip and install, allows users to make weight and space savings and thanks to its outstanding quality level has a long service life.

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Despre Nexans

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