Nexans launches new compact connectors for wind turbine applications

Nexans Euromold tee-shaped connectors are designed for use with compact switchgear to make optimum use of limited installation space

Paris, November 10, 2009 – Nexans, the worldwide leader in the cable industry, has extended its well-proven range of compact medium voltage (MV) connectors with two new tee-shaped connectors designed specifically for use with compact switchgear and transformers now being specified for wind turbine applications. The M430TB connector is for use with higher voltages (up to 36 kV) and the M434TB connector is for higher currents (up to 1,250 A).

Trend towards compact switchgear for wind turbines

The growing trend towards using ever more compact switchgear in wind turbines has resulted in smaller cable boxes, limiting the space available for connectors. Nexans has responded to this challenge by developing its new asymmetric tee-shape connectors to create a compact connection solution. This now enables two cables to be connected in the same space required for one cable using a traditional non-compact connector. As well as being ideal for all applications where space is a limiting factor, the Nexans compact connectors also enable users to increase the capacity of an existing installation.

EPDM jacket: a key design feature for safety and reliability

The M430TB and the M434TB are separable tee-shape bolted connectors designed to connect polymer-insulated cable to wind turbine equipment such as switchgear and transformers- they can also be used for cable to cable connections with the appropriate mating parts. A key design feature is the thick (3 mm) EPDM (Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer) rubber conductive insulation jacket that provides a total safe to touch screen for personnel safety, this is both more reliable and longer lasting than the painted silicone rubber insulation used in many connectors.

 Compact connector t shape

M430TB: almost twice as compact as a traditional connector

The M430TB connector is suitable for voltages from 12 kV up to 36 kV and cable cross-sections from 35 mm2 up to 300 mm2 (12 and 24 kV) and 50 mm2 up to 240 mm2 (36 kV).  When used as a single connector it is just 183 mm deep, this compares with 255 mm for an equivalent non-compact connector. For double-connection, the epoxy insulating plug can be replaced by the 300PB coupling connector. This enables two cables to be connected in a depth of only 290 mm, compared with 500 mm for a non-compact version.

M434TB: specifically designed for the new generation of larger turbines

The M434TB connector is also 183 mm in depth, however it is intended for the larger cross-section cables that will be required to carry the greater currents produced by the new generation of larger turbines, especially in offshore applications. For voltages from 12 kV up to 36 kV, the M434TB can be used with cable cross-sections from 185 mm2 up to 800 mm2.

The new compact connectors have been developed by the Nexans Competence Centre located in Erembodegem, Belgium and they are being manufactured by the Nexans Euromold factory at the same location.

Every compact connector is tested for AC (Alternating Current) withstand and partial discharge before leaving the factory and  detailed quality control procedures incorporate perfect traceability, with full visibility of the source and quality of every component.

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